Captured In The Best Light

John Lee is a Long Island based commercial photographer. He began his career in the days of film and hot lights, aka before Photoshop. So, he has a unique perspectice of being able to combine the best of traditional lighting styles and the best of Photoshop.

His area of expertise in commercial photography range from jewelry to food, from head shots to environment portraits, from household products to scientific instruments and from industrial tools to the most delicate medical devices. Recently, he has included 360 spin product photography to his offerings. He feels 360 spin product photography as the next natural progression in product photography… giving the buyer more convenience and useful information in their purchasing decisions.

As hunderds of his satisfied clients already know, he is not just the man behind the lens. He is a contributing artistic force which helps turn the graphic artist’s sometimes impossible concept into a gleaming reality. His years of photographic experience -on location as well as in the studio, allows him to compete vigorously with quality, style and pricing.

If you should have any questions or a project in mind… especially any questions about the many advantages of 360 spin product photography. Lets talk! (516) 592-1739  JL1S@optonline.net